Jordan Chini

Jordan Chini was born and raised in the quiet hills of Valley Center, CA. At a young age of six, Jordan began showing signs of musical talent. As perseverance turned into a deep passion, Jordan acquired many skills in the musical arts. He enjoys playing over thirteen different instruments, including the banjo, pedal steel, drums, and accordion. His love for recording started at age twelve. With a little help from his father, brother and friends he began recording and experimenting with techniques that would get him the sound he desired. With interests and influences in recordings ranging from the 60’s & 70’s era, he has found a love for the “analog sound” which he incorporates, mixed with a modern twist, to his skills in the studio as both a musician and an engineer. His strong work ethic has gained him many opportunities in musical groups such as Social Green, Muscle Beech, Pearl Charles Band, Reflection, and a self-titled solo project. He has an ear for every genre and an eye for audio-visuals. He enjoys multimedia projects and has experience in Videography, Animation, and even Claymation. With key connections in the music scene and a keen ear for talent, Jordan looks forward to continuing his career in engineering, producing and recording many artists throughout the industry.


Adam Chini

Adam Chini is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and recording engineer based out of North county, San Diego.  After graduating from Full Sail University with a BA in Music Business, Adam has put forth his skills into Sound Jar Studio. He's an avid vinyl record collector,  record lathe cutter, and music lover that has a taste for many styles of music & genres. Adam has plenty of solo music coming out from a handful of independent record labels, spanning across the world. His 7 song EP with Star Creature Records is coming out in the Summer of 2017, which was arranged , recorded, and produced by him in the comfort of his own personal home studio. If you are into fine crafted recordings, drums machines, and synthesizers.... you’ve come to the right place.

Robert Chini

Recording and songwriting has always been Robert’s passion and focus.  He has been in the recording world since the age of 16 when he purchased his first four track reel to reel. Since then Robert has been working as a musician, producer and songwriter in studios across the US.  He has worked for Silver Nightingale publishing in Los Angeles where he wrote and teamed up with songwriter Bob Gundry. Many years ago when Michael Jackson was in his early prime, the infamous Quincy Jones put a “three month hold” on one of Robert’s songs called “Never Stop Loving You”. The purpose of the hold was to play it for Michael Jackson and the record label to consider it for one of Michael’s albums.  The song made it within the top 20 to be chosen for the album. He later was to be embraced by Rodney Gordy, nephew of Motown’s legendary Barry Gordy and introduced to Joe Jackson by the Motown team where he continued to write for various other Motown artists.  Robert continued on with his songwriting musical endeavors for other various artists and continued on with his solo career. He performed as a bass player along with England Dan and John Ford Coley and continued to tour and perform with Leslie, Kelly and John Ford Coley after their breakup. He currently is performing and recording as part of the duo “Chini and Camberos” and Trio "TRES."